About Me

Hello and welcome to Cinnamon & Flour!

My name is Andrea and I spend most of my free-time baking. Baking has been a hobby of mine ever since I was a young girl. I grew up watching and helping my mom and grandma bake their favorite Italian cookies and cakes for our huge family get togethers. When I was old enough, I started to learn and bake alongside them, becoming their best (and most annoying) little helper. I'd do as they say and I learned the basics, but my favorite part of baking was swapping out their traditional ingredients to create something new, with it's own twist and flare. I loved working with new flavors and hearing the feedback from the family on whether they liked it or not. I learned that the people I was surrounded by enjoyed sharing and discussing their opinions on food, textures, and flavors. And I loved listening.

Everyone has a unique palette, and I'm fascinated in learning about how certain attributes can be so completely polarizing. For example, let's consider the classic chocolate chip cookie. Some of us refuse to touch a crunchy chocolate chip cookie (me!) and will only truly enjoy a soft baked cookie. And on the opposite spectrum, some of us will only eat a crunchy chocolate chip cookie and cannot begin to fathom how a soft and chewy cookie can be remotely appealing. Learning the different palettes and preferences of my family and friends is what I love! When I bake something new for a family member I'll send them Fun follow up questions so that I can learn which attributes they liked, disliked, and didn't even consider. Most of the time I learn that what I perceived as the biggest flaw in my recipe went completely unnoticed by my audience (and that's a huge relief!). Having these discussions not only improves my baking skills, but also allows others to learn and realize their own taste, texture, and flavor preferences, which might be something they've never before considered. This makes me really happy.

So, here we are today. My baking hobby as a kid has manifested into my greatest passion and past-time as an adult. As my blog name so clearly points out, cinnamon is my favorite ingredient. I'll just say right now that you can freely add a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon to almost any of my recipes and you won't be disappointed, as long as you appreciate it as much as I do!

You'll find that many, but not all, of my recipes are vegan. About 2 years ago, I began following a plant-based diet. So, I've spent some time developing vegan recipes for my most loved desserts.  You'll also find that I typically leave notes at the end of my recipes so that you can swap the vegan alternative ingredients out for their traditional counterparts. Every now and then I do bake with butter, eggs, and milk to create a recipe that wouldn't compete as a vegan version. Though I'm constantly challenging myself to continue gaining the skills to create vegan only recipes.

I hope you enjoy Cinnamon & Flour and I wish you all the happiest of baking!